Monday, May 4, 2009

My Real and Perfect Man

I can't fall asleep I'm remembering a friend of mine, we're talking a couple of hour ago, she's crying while telling me what happened after she talked to her husband and their conversation end up into misery.... her husband want to divorce her.

I suddenly realized that I am so lucky that i was married to a right guy.
He is not perfect but i know he love me and i love him too, Maybe I could say that he is a God given gift for me after all the trials and burdens that i been through in my life He let me know someone who will really care and who will really love me the way that i wanted to be.
His kind is very rare, mostly of Men today doesn't know how to care and most of them are unfaithful(like my friend husband) or should i say all of them are unfaithful, that's the thing that I should be really thankful about my husband He never fool me or fooled me even at once, because he is God fearing and He respect me as his wife.
Sad to say that not all Men think like that.

Being Polygamous doesn't proved masculinity,
Hence Real Men know how to handle their feelings and emotions for their partners
They know how to RESPECT their partner and treat her right the way that they wanted to be treated.
and They know how they accept their mistakes and learn to how to say SORRY if needed.

And that's why I'm so lucky that i met ''My Real and Perfect Man.''

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James said...

i love this picture of yours