Friday, July 24, 2009

A bit of appreciation

First, I would like to say thank you to all my followers and friends who constantly give comment and visiting my post, you never know how much you made me happy and how much I appreciate it.
I been in this blogging business for about a short period of time, and what really makes me glad in doing this is when I found you guys.
That's how powerful the internet, it made us all connected even we are apart and meeting you guys here in blogger is the best thing ever happened to me.
again to all my followers and friends THANK YOU VERY MUCH! for being a part of me.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fire Tree? *-*

Sorry for the blurriness of my image
I shot this while the car is running.

For the record this is the cherry blossom of the Philippines
and it's called as Fire tree....

And I dunno the reason why is it called Fire Tree, though maybe because of its dark orange color flower and if it's in a full bloom the orange flower is very visible.


This is also a fire tree but a more different one
it's flower goes hanging from the trunk unlike the first one.


~This photo is borrowed from Google~

This is how it looks when in full bloom.

I hope you'll like my post

Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy
( by: Anne Frank)

Beauty is the Gift of God
(by: Aristotle)

Have a nice day to all!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I got this photo while waiting for the train to arrive.
I've noticed this girl who kept on looking at the far view, as if she may know upon looking often the reason why the train is late.


And this one is for my Loving husband,
I bought Pizza for my husband but I can't stop my self from it's yumminessssss
and that's the reason why it become like this.. sooo Yummy! I can't resist.
My hungry tummy talks.. Lol

Have a nice day Every one!

Monday, July 20, 2009


I gazed at my reflection....
It gazed at me....
I saw my own Image, was a mirage
I felt an eternal bond...


Sometimes I wonder why I am here
wonder if anyone would notice if I disappeared
I have nothing you want, but everything I need

And now I know why I'm here
to see you in my dreams and hold you tenderly
My precious little gift... My baby.

I'm Back!!!

After the long sick days, I'm glad to say that I'm back!
And I would like to say thank you to all my friends who pray for my past recovery

Thank you to:


Abby Quijano
Pinay In Dutchland

Unseen Rajasthan

Hope you guys have a nice day!
I love you all..

Friday, July 17, 2009

Wordless Friday

I'm having a wordless friday tune....
I'm having a hard time to breath because of my flu,
but I'm having my medication now, and no need to worry about because it's not (AH1N1),
it's just a normal flu.

My doctor said that I just have to take a rest, and I have to finish my 1 week medication and after 1 week have to go to her for my follow up check up..
I hate being sick....sick....sick...

I'll have my post as soon as i get more better..
Till my next post my friends..


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pagudpud Ilocos Norte

This was taken 3 years ago in,
Pagudpud Beach Resort In Ilocos Norte
unlike Boracay and other crowded beaches here in Phil.
Ilocos Norte's Pagudpud beach offers the more tranquil traveler
a more rustic taste of Phil. water

while in the cool water, we can feel the fine sand in our feet....

And my favorite shot, The Sunset..

Hope you guys like my post!!!

Thank you to all my friends!!!

I'd like to extend my heartfelt thank to,

Dana Yoshimizu,
Sheri amor,
Unseen Rajastan

For dropping by and for leaving a comment to my blog,
and for following my blog it is highly appreciated, until my next post my friends
i hope to see you all commenting.

Have a nice day to all...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dessert (Halo-halo)

Halo-halo, In engrish (mix);
is an icy, creamy concoction of assorted sweets served on a tall glass with a spoonful of ice cream on the top
This is known as the popular summer cooler during the hot months here in Phil.
But, but, but even it's not summer here, my husband and I ate Halo-halo this afternoon, just to get over our cravings.
it's so yum..yum..

The sweetened ingredients filled in the glass of Halo-Halo is usually Red beans, bananas, macapuno (sweetened coconut), jack fruit, Nata de coco, Tapioca (sago), Sugar palm fruit (kaong), and dried glutinous rice.
These layers are tapped with crushed ice, poured with milk, sugared, and then topped with a spoonful of ice cream. then ready to be served.

You can add jellies too, depend on what you like because no specific ingredients are used in halo-halo you can add sweetened corn kernel, and even sweet potato will do.

I hope you like it.

have a nice day everyone.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Weird Grocery day!!!

This morning My husband and I went to the newly operated grocery located just near are house, we both excited because that was the first time that we'll go there, so we leave the house at 11 in the morning and travel last for just 30 minutes only, we finish picking up for only 30 min. (so it's 12:00)

now here's the scenario , when we are in the cashier the bagger is counting the items upon inserting into the bag and he wrote the number of the items that he counted outside the bag, and to make sure i guess, that he wont forget how many items are inside.
he keep on doing that until he finished packing. We had 12 plastic bags in the push cart, we waited for him for about 15 minutes (12:15) and when we thought that we could have our lunch to the nearest resto. Here comes the man in a red Uniform handling a pen and pad of paper, we thought he will just look at the receipt and then he will let us go, but we are wrong!!!
because the man said' that to make sure that the bagger done his job properly he have to re-count again the items in the push cart.
So we let us do his job, but this time we waited for another 20 minutes (12:35)
and after the re-counting period, I can feel my stomach grunting at that moment, he accompany us up to the exit for our surprised the re-counting session is not yet finish!!! Grrrrr..... co'z the guard have to check our the receipt and look at the grocery items in the push cart individually, yes! individually!!!! and it took us for another 30 minute.. so all in all we went out to that weird place at already 1:05 in the afternoon we had our lunch at 1:30.
I hate that place we promised that we will never go back to that place, My husband said he rather have a long drive rather than going back to that weird Place that full of weird people...

I don't wonder if one day that Grocery will stop operating because of bankruptcy.

Have you ever experience like that before?

One thing for sure I will never ever go back to that place again! never!!!

accidentally, kle: Penne Forever

Try to look at this recipe made by my friend, It look so yum..yum..
accidentally, kle: Penne Forever

"Gift "

This one is my favorite

Coach Bag, this bag is given to me by my sister in law as a thank you gift
for being her counselor when she had a problem.
Thank you Sister Rizza for this wonderful gift.

If you give a rose, the scent will remain to your hand. (Confucius)

-It means that if you give something don't ask for anything
that the essence of giving.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

After the odds, Here's my Story

I'd like to say Thank you to all who commented to my last post.
And after solving some of my problems, I'm glad to say that I'm back...

I think it's time for me to answer your question about the Ghost and Witchcraft thing, So here it goes.

I was Only 8 years old when I first had an experience about the ghost, It was in my Grand Father's house In Antipolo (one province here in Phil). It all happened when me and my cousin's are playing outside my grand father's house, we were running and playing "Matayataya" (that's the name of the game we played) outside when my cousin touched me and I stop moving, because that's the rules of the game , that when your opponent touched you, you will stop moving you will be freeze in what ever position you have.

I freezed under the giant mango tree. While i was under the tree i started to feel un easy, and i started to feel cold and i can feel that there's some one looking at me, but i ignore it because my attention is on the game, and then suddenly the air blows at my back and i felt that someone touches my hair, from then idecided to look back and I was so shock when i saw a LADY standing at my back!!!! Oh my!!! she is wearing a dirty white blouse and her hair is long i don't know how long it is because her half body is unclear to me, what caught my attention was her face! she do not have a face!!! and that what makes me run very past.
that's the first time i saw a ghost and that's where all started. Infact untill now I can still see them but I'm trying to ignore them. Everytime i saw dead people all i do is "pray" and close my eyes, that's what my grand father told me and that's what my friend Nun told me to do everytime i encounter them.

And just like what i listed in my last post, that's the reason why I almost lost all my friends in highschool, but when they realized that I'm harmless they enjoyed being with me. that's what's friends for.

And about witch crafting, i studied it out of curiosity.
But I'm not practicing it anymore. Because of the reason that when i was still practicing it, almost' all the time I can see a ghost and even I don't see them I can still feel their presence, and that's what made me hard to sleep.. That's the mysterious part of me.

I hope I answered all your questions, and I hope after this revelation i can still have you guys as my friends... don't worry I'm harmless.. LOL.

I hope to see you commenting guys...
Have a nice day and always keep safe.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Apology

I apologize for not making any post. I promise you all that I will answer all your questions regarding to my mysterious stuff to my next post.
but goodbye for now.
and I'll make up to you all when i come back.

have a good day and keep safe everybody.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Very 1st Blogger Award

I feel very grateful to receive an award like this "Kreativ Blog".

And I'm thanking AL of for giving me this wonderful award.

I always love her blog, she help me a lot in knowing our country well,
and because she travel as much as i do every time I come to see her blog I can feel that I went to the place where she was.
Go and visit her blog too and witness how wonderful it is. The Link is posted above.

Now the award has a certain rule;

1. Acknowledge the person who gave you an award.

2. Copy the logo and Place it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4. Note 7 things about your self that people might find interesting.

5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Blogger.
6. Post link to the 7 bloggers you nominated.

7. Leave a comment on each of the blog you nominated, letting 'em know they have been nominated.

And the award goes to:

"Kym of

"Kate of

"Elk of

"Lily of

Shasha of

David of

Julochka of

I have a lot of worthy Blog's that i wish to give the award but i have to choose only 7 of them.
Visit this Blogs and i'm pretty sure that you'll not just like them but you will love them.

And here's the 7 Interesting thing about me;

1. I can do Texting even my eyes are closed.
2. I can cook but not so well, and I can Do Pedi/Manicure as well.
3. I was the MVP in Volleyball Intercollegiate during College Days.
4. I study witch crafting when i was in college.
5. I'm a very good singer. :->
6. I love my Husband more than I thought I could and as well as my son, they are my life.
7. And most of all I can see Dead People and that's the reason why I almost lose my friends when I was in High School.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Wacky Post

This is 'em in their normal faces and in their normal expression
Hubby and Baby


And Look at this little boy of mine, when he just woke up
and saw me pointing my camera at him...


And this is Hubby,
after this shot i realizes one thing...

I'd rather see him bald than having long hair
'coz he looks scarryyyyyy in this shot......


For the Finale..
Meet my niece in her standing Hair do...

Have a nice day to all

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cotabato Bombing Flash Report

I heard the news today, about the Bombing in Cotabato City, Southern part of Phil.

Based on the news the attack happened while the people are inside the Cotabato Cathedral and having mass,
Some are wounded and some die because of the attack.

I was so devastated as i heard the news...
I really can't Imagine how people like them can do this to other innocent people who want to live peaceful life and free form harm..
Click COTABATO for further info. about the bombing.

But for now Let's offer a short prayer for the people who suffer to this bombing attack and to those who did it...

Lets All pray

Lord God, We come worshiping you today with grateful hearts
that you are our keeper, the one who continually cares for us.
We come praying today for many people.
We pray for all who are in need of healing.
We pray for all who are disabled with injury or illness.
We pray for all who are troubled by confusion or pain.
We pray for all whose increasing years bring weariness.
And we pray for all the people who causes pain and injuries to others,
we pray for the soul of those people who died today may they live the eternal life with you O Lord.
Into your hands, O God, we recommend all for whom we pray, trusting in your mercy, love, grace, and protection. Amen.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Before i lay down my bed let me share this to you guys,
A good friend of me gave me this little paragraph
and it's all about to attract romantic love in your love, to open the doors to possibilities without attracking one person.
Here it goes,

" If in your wisdom the time has come
and mine and your heart in truth are one.
Through moonstone and opal and moon's magic light
come here to seek me this long sweet night."

But for the record I never tried this to my husband Lol, I just want to share this to you as a little remembrance...

If this work for you let me know okay?

Good night every body!!!
Keep safe always....

For Today

This Flower Caught my attention while waiting for my dentist this afternoon,
The red one is a Santan Flower But the white one I don't know what it is.

and I wish i did not come to my dentist, I'm having a toothache right now
because of my braces... waaahhh i wish that this will be taken off to my teeth..

A simple thanks to you guys

In my own simple way of appreciation, I'd like to say thank you to all my friends who visited my blog and leave their comments..


Yes I'm from Bulacan, I live in Obando near the famous Obando church.

Some of the foods that i have in my post is Obando delicacies.

To Anne, Mizlily and Khaye,

Thank you for the comments,
and yah! all those foods are yummy...
i really appreciate your comments guys.

To AL,

Thank you for the wonderful comment, and about the cake it's a Sansrival Cake, if I'm not mistaken i think i saw it once in your post..?
and about the Puto just like what I've said it's Obando's delicacy but you can find it in some other town's of Bulacan, the Pancit came from Malabon brought by my Friend Apple.

We really had a great time together, chatting and laughing together is the one that i will really miss because for sure i have to count a years again before we'll meet again.

anyway, you are from Phil. right?

Friday, July 3, 2009

Get togetgher party

Me and my high school friends meet this afternoon
in my house.
and we celebrate Joan's birthday...

This is Joan in her wacky shot while blowing her candle..

Pancit Palabo, Malabon's specialty..

Puto Pao, and Caramba Bulacan specialty...

we spend a happy afternoon together, we miss each other well,
it's been 3 years since we last see each other.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Butterfly Flower

"I was really amazed when i look back and see
this little white flower
beside the Afternoon Butterfly
I stared at it because of the thought
that it couldn't be the Afternoon Butterflies flower.

After Observing
and when Afternoon comes and My Butterfly begin to sleep
I saw the little white flower begin to sleep too..

And then the afternoon prove me one thing
That the Butterflies can have flowers too....."

I was so wowed about it, Pretty Amazing!!!


Sent straight from heaven up above
Came an angel for me to love
To hold and rock and kiss good night
To wrap my arms around real tight

To cuddle & nurture and watch him play
To kiss his boo-boo's all away
To keep him safe and warm & count all his toes
To hold the tissue for him when he blows his little nose

To laugh at his jokes, to clap as he sings
To tell him all the joy in my life that he brings
To clean up his play dough, to pull his legos apart
To pin up his drawings and tell him it's art

To watch his first day of school on the bus all alone
To fight back the tears as I make my way back home
To applaud real loud when he's in his first play
To help him with his homework at the end of his day

To adore & cherish and watch him grow
To guide and teach him all that I know
To see him through good times & help him through bad
To share in his happiness and cry when he's sad

To hold him close and be by his side
To watch him through life as my heart fills with pride
To help him with decisions, the best that I can
To know that someday he'll be a fine young man

Thank you God.