Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Fat fundamentals
basically, fat is stored energy. When you eat, your body transforms carbohydrates, protein, and dietary fats into fatty acids (Chain of molecules that are the building blocks of body fat), glucose (blood sugar), or amino acids. These provide energy that you either burn right away or pack up for later. Without your body fat, you'd have to eat all the time just to keep your body functioning - your heart beating, your eyes moving across the page and your hand traveling to you r mouth to sip your latte.
fats that isn't used right away gets stored in cells, If you look to one of them under the microscope, you'd see a standard cell equipment, a nucleus mitochondria, that sort of thing - dwarfed by a big fat droplet that's make about 85 percent of the cell's volume. Fat cell's typically start at 5 millions of a meter in diameter, too tiny to be seen by the naked eye. But they're insanely elastic. Each one can increase by 100 times in volume, to about the size of the period.

Maybe your wondering why i post this blog, it's simply because i can't think of anything to right that is why i post this one article that i sae in the magazine....

Lately I'm having a hard time writing my own blog
maybe because of the thought that no one cares to read it..

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Thanks for stopping by my blog.. I will keep visitng you.. this post brought me back to microbiology 101:) .. I see you made the manicotti, I have to go read that post:)