Monday, May 18, 2009

PSP Crisis

notice this little boy while looking at his cousin's Portable Play station.
my little boy is wondering because before he fell asleep his cousin is playing PSP and for his surprise when he woke up his cousin is still playing PSP.
This only show how addicted this big boy to the computer. He can even tolerate hunger just to feed his pleasure on playing his computer, he can stand his sleepiness just to play and finish his game.
But even he become PSP and computer addict he still excel in school he's been the top student for the whole year level in his shool..
But what we really afraid of, is his play time habbit we can't force him to minimize his time, we can't make him understand that too much computer playing has a bad effect for his eyes and his health, we don't want him to wear eyeglasses at his young age.
Strict Supervision is really needed for this kind of situation.
I wish we could still stand this crisis....

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