Saturday, April 25, 2009

My weird Imagination

When I was young I used to ask this question to my parents.
Who created the world?
How does it created?
And what does it made of?

Questions that usually runs in a young mind.
But when I got a little bit older, those questions are still in my thoughts. And there was one time when I was with my friends, I suddenly ask them! What if someone up there is watching over us and in everything we are doing? They laugh at me and said of course! There is the creator who made everything and the one created US! Then I replied, what if the creator they're pertaining is not "HIM" instead is "THEM"?
They don't just laugh at me but they throw pillows over me and said I'm starting to scare them because I doesn't sound normally...

I'm a Roman Catholic and I have faith in God, but until now I still have my weird question in my mind.
And I want to share it to you,
What if we are just like a science project that put into a big round aquarium filled with soil and water, and to make it more alive THEY put some greens there's trees and plants, and then they put living creatures in the land, air, and water which we known as dinosaur.
Are you not wondering how they gone and why they gone????? My weird reason is, maybe because they are just undergoing trial and error process that’s why when they realized that dinosaur’s are too big for the project they immediately take it out in the aquarium, instead, they changed it to a more smaller one and that is what we have until today, and they need something to help them maintained their creations so that they made humans but at first they cant made a perfect image of what they want. That’s why base on studies human undergone evolution, until they got it perfect.
What if the one created us is Alien’s
And once a while they’re coming here to check if their creations are still good and in proper care. What if time comes and they wanted to create another project and that is to change everything they created and get it back into its original state, all the living creatures they made will just gone instantly or die like what happened to the giants, and the rest will become history.
I’m not sure if I’m making any sense, I am just sharing my thoughts I know I sound very weird..
But what do you really think about it?
If you want to tell me something your comment is highly appreciated but please don’t get me wrong I am just sharing my thoughts.
Thank you.

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