Thursday, May 21, 2009

What evet it is!

Loving a person doesn’t need a criteria because when you love a person you are taking the risk or accepting him/her whatever she/he is. You don’t need to find an answer why do you love him if he/she change in the middle of the relationship no regrets and you will not get hurt because you are taking her of what she really is!
Loving a someone is not proven by just simply saying it you have to show care and respect to each other try to give what you can without waiting for something in return! Love is not just a spoken by the mouth and written by the hands, it’s a commitment.
If you’re not ready to get tie don’t love…. If you’re not ready to be committed don’t love…
And if you’re not ready to be loved don’t stumble and fall.

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James said...

yey!!! youre making sense