Monday, May 4, 2009

The Grown-up fAiry tAlEs

As a kid i had my share of reading story books that tells us of the lives of girls who were ill-fated in the beginning yet would later on live happily ever after in the arms of their prince charming. Oh how they would suffer, from being mistreated by their step mother and step sisters, hunted by wicked witches, bound by evil spells, threatened by goblins and all sorts of stuff that brought them misfortune.

Then when all were said and done, tears were shed and lives were ruined, this would be the time their night in shining armor would sweep them off their feet, make them fall in love then everything changes for the better.
For years young girls would fantasize on finding their own happy ending. I was no different of course.
But after spending 24 years in this planet I came to realize that its not quite the same in the real world. But then it didn’t make me sad, it just made the whole notion seem ridiculous.

Your real prince charming would NEVER wait for the dust to settle before they come to rescue you. They are the ones who would not let you end up in a situation where you would need rescuing in the first place.

They are NOT the one to sweep you off your feet with grand gestures and extravagant displays of affection. Cause then again who would wanna be swept off their feet to have their head hit the ground and leave you with the aches and pains when the novelty wears out? right?

They ARE the ones that you find behind you when you turn around. Ones that celebrates your success however minuscule or senseless it may seem to others. One who cries in secret for your defeats. The one tells you the truth when you need to hear it.

They are NOT the ones who will ride you off into the sunset with the promise of a better life in a palace somewhere far away. Instead they are the ones who would sacrifice the "better" life and choose to live humbly with you just so he wouldn’t take you away from the people that matters to you.

If you ask me, we have the better end of the bargain. I wouldn’t trade it for any disney character’s life.
Found yours yet?

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