Friday, January 22, 2010

Hello Every one

I'm glad to say that I'm back...
until my next post..
keep safe everybody

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I have a disabled accoung from google.

I been out of blogging for a couple of days, for some major reason..
My Adsense account was been disabled!
and I really don't know the reason why!!!!! that's why I been out from blogging!
I felt very sad and stress because of that...
anyway here's something for you guys..

A rose for a special friends like you..
I hope you all like it...
Until my next post my friends.!!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Candles and their Holders 2

These are the other candle holders that I'm keeping in my cabinet.
They are not many but they are significant to me.
click Here to see the first candle holder that I've been posted.

This one is given to me also by my sister, It's like a broken egg shell.

This one is a christmas gift to me by my cousin.

And this one is from my Ex.... I don't need to elaborate. LOL
I don't know why he gave me this. :-)
And this one is from my Mom...
she said that the roses inside is a fresh one, I don't know how they made this but the one who invented this candle holder is really cool.

I got this one as an exchanged gift, when I was highschool.
and this one is from my sister also, she gave this together with the Crystal candle holder.
And that's all for today..
I hope you gonna like it.

Have a nice day ahead everybody!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Crystal Made Candle Holder

This crystal made candle holder, is given to me by my sister
straight from Switzerland.

Actually, I am not collecting a candle holder but, I just noticed one day that my candle holder in my cabinet are starting grow.

But I decided to post this one first,
Because this one is my favorite.
I will post the other as soon as I complete photos of them.

Until now I can't find the 7th dwarf. :-(

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Joei's Fountain

I visited my Mother this afternoon, and I was so happy to see my old fountain on the corner of her living room, and not just that! my Mom put my dwarfs miniature on it.

They are suppose to be seven, My mom said that she only found six of them in my cabinet.
But I am pretty sure that I keep the seven of them in my cabinet, I don't know where the other one go.... :-)

And here are my Dwarfs in close up, saying Hi! to all of you.

And this is me, tired of thinking what happened to my 7th dwarf and where did he go?

This is all for today
Thank you for dropping by my blog.
Have a wonderful Wednesday to all!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Tree Orchid

When I was on my way home, I have the opportunity to get a photo of this big Tree on the side street, it's trunk really amazed and intrigue me because it is full of violet Orchid dangling and hanging on the tree trunk.

My shot is a little bit blurry because i don't have my camera with me,
I only used my cell phone to get this shot.

Now, that I finally have a photo of it I made my self happy...! :-)

Happy Tuesday to All!

How Old is Old?

~* How Old is Old? - a contest on "Cathara's Blog"

It's Catherine's birthday on the 13th of October and she has an announced contest regarding How old is old?
Check on her Blog "CATHARA" to see the "Rules and Prizes."

And Here is my entry:

I will write about it base on what I observed in my mother,

and I hope after she read this she’ll still forgive me.

When My mom was young she weighed a few pounds less, she need not to hold her tummy in to wear a belted dress, But now that she is older she have to set her body free,

And now she needs to wear those glasses as the prints were getting smaller, and it was not a very long years ago that I know my mom was taller than me but now when we stand together she is just at my shoulder level.

And though her hair has turned into gray and her skin no longer fits, On the inside she’s the same old she even just the outside changed a bit.

and she said ~ "beauty paid away but the value remains forever" That's my mom!

And now I'm tagging this following 5 friends of mine.


Hurry and Join the contest!
"Happy birthday Catherine."

Monday, August 24, 2009

Philippine Sapin-sapin and Pichi pichi

This morning my husband and I went to Malabon,
to buy the famous Sapin-sapin and Pichi Pichi in Dolor's that is situated in the heart of Malabon,
we took a long drive to buy this for our grandmothers 75th birthday this afternoon.

(Picture borrowed from Google)

It is made from rice flour or rice that has been soaked over night then crushed into paste
for more detailed info click here.

Pichi Pichi
Pichi-pichi, the other famous Filipino delicacies, made of grated cassava root, flour and Lye.

My husband got this shot while I am eating a piece of pichi-pichi,
actually it's not just a piece... *-*

See? I almost ate it all
it's so yummy, and yo uknow before we got home ther's no more left in this box

have a nice day every one!