Saturday, May 9, 2009

Random reality

Its been almost three days now since i lost contact with this world. I kinda enjoy the thought of nobody knows me. Like a stranger in a huge crowd, no one bothers me. But once in a while i cant help but to think of all the things i have left behind. Specially the unfinished businesses and the things that needs to be settled. I been longing to go back but it will only worsen the situations. Its hard but i have to make a stand now. I have to move on from where i have left. I must continue my journey to a new dimension in my life where people will know me as i am. Where friends will accept me for what ive become and my loved ones support my worth in this world. Again i will try to be the person that i want to be or i can be and make miracles and reality converge. Leading a life not based on horoscopes and destinies but on freewill and faith. Yes, i should go now for i am running out of time. And i will harvest the fruits of my hard labor in due time.

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James said...

sometimes i feel thesame too