Saturday, May 16, 2009


There's a strange thing happen to me yesterday.
I accompany a friend to attend an awarding ceremony of her brother, the awarding ceremony finish at around 10 in the evening, before we leave I decided to go to the Comfort Room to change my pads, but the only comfort room available that time is on the 2nd floor of the School old building, and because my friend is still waiting for her brother I decided to go first, when I was on my way, there's a strange feeling over me so I started to sing just to overcome the uneasy feeling.
And when I was in the second floor the comfort room has 3 cubicles and the doors are elevated for about 1 foot away from the floor, so people can easily see if there's someone inside, I go for the 2nd door (definitely i was in the middle) and while I was inside and doing my stuff I can't understand why I started to feel uneasy again my hair in my nape area are raising and my heart beats faster than usual, suddenly I hear footsteps coming, I was so happy 'coz I thought that it was my friend then someone used the flash in the cubicle before mine, so in my mind I’m sure that there’s someone inside the 1st door, I have a company, and then I went out my cubicle and fix my hair in front of the mirror I heard the person on the 1st door humming the same song that I was singing a while ago.. I thought that she was my friend Jo and just trying to scare me.
So I decided to look under, and I was surprise when I saw someone standing that wearing an old roman sandals, so I know that she’s not my friend because she’s not wearing a sandals that moment.
And I look again to make sure for what I see, and again she was still standing and what really scares me a lot is when look back again I realized that I saw a 1 foot floating for about 2 inches away from the floor !! Gosh! I almost lose my heart I run very fast I took the stairs more faster than I could I don’t know what to do all I care is to stay away from the comfort room, and when I reached the ground floor I almost lie coz I can’t walk my knees are shaking I started to tell them about what happened and what I saw in the comfort room and my friends brother told us that According to stories, the building, was existed even before the outbreak of WW II, and was used as a garrison by the Japanese during the war.
That’s why there’s a lot of unexplainable thing happening to that building especially to the comfort room.

I never thought that it will happen to me… I never really thought that I was with a ghost that moment..
I will never go to that school building again.
I’ve learned my lesson now that I will never ever go to the comfort room alone again!!!
Maybe it’s true that in every 30 people we’ve met for 1 day, 1 of them is Ghost!

Hope you learn something from my experience…

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