Monday, May 4, 2009

Grass is GrEeNeR SynDrOmE

ThiS is cHaractErized bY a chRoniC aNd cOnstAnt diScOnteNtmeNt wiTh wHat yOu hAve iN thE beLieF tHat tHeRe iS aLwAys sOmetHiNg bEttEr oUt thEre.
fOr iNstanCe, You cAn bUy tHe mOst exPensiVe fOne iN tHe mArket aNd tHe vEry nExt daY yOu’LL sEe sOmeoNe oWniNg sOmethIng wiTh beTtEr fEatUres ThAn tHe One yOu hAve. ThaT’s hOw iT uSuaLLy iS wiTh maTeriaL thiNgs.
In woRse cAses thiS sYndrome mAy hAve a cArrY oVer iN tHe reLatiOnsHip aSpeCt. PeoPle wOuLd sOmetiMe hAve a hArd tiMe maKinG a cOmmiTment oR kEepiNg oNe bEcauSe oF it. AlwAys lOokiNg arOunD iN sEarch Of tHe pErfeCt oNe. And sUre enOugh, wiTh a tiP of a hAt, yOu’re sUre tO fiNd sOmeoNe niCer, beTter LoOkinG, sWeetEr. But thEn aGaiN, dO yOu rEaLLy nEed tO be wHeRe tHe gRasS gReeNest? It dOesn’t cOme wiTh thE aSsurAnce oF hAppiNess. If tHats whAt you’re lOokiNg fOr , thEn yOu haVe a raTher thiN cHAnce Of fiNdiNg it cOz nO maTter hOw grEat somethiNg is, thEre’s aLwAys sOmethiNg rELatiVeLy beTteR.

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