Friday, May 29, 2009

Poor little toe

I was so busy cooking for the afternoon snack when my husband came in the kitchen to get some drink, when he sat down to the chair next to me to see what I'm preparing for snack, when i am about to get the scissor it accidentally slip off my hand and i dropped it with out my intention, and all of a sudden my husband shout for pain!!! and i found out that the scissor dropped on his toe, the tip of the scissor stub his little toe....
He scolded at me first but after a while he realizes that it was not my intention he says sorry and give me a hug... i say sorry too for my carelessness
then i apply first aid to his little toe and after we eat the snack that I'm preparing..

What a funny and spooky afternoon
now i learned my lesson
never put your toe under the hanging scissor lol :->

1 comment:

Country Girl said...

Oh, no! Good thing there was not more injury!