Tuesday, May 19, 2009

(Baby)FAt Fat Fats

In addition to serving as ingenious soft-sided storage bins for our body's energy, fat protects us in many ways. For one thing it can act as a cushion to keep us from being injured. A recent study found that plump men were more likely than thin ones to survive car crashes.
Unfortunately, the results didn't hold true for chubby women, perhaps because our fats is typically concentrated in the lower body, below most car accident's point impact.
Fats also provides a layer of insulation that keeps us warm. Newborns have pockets of a kind of fats called brown adipose tissue as opposed to white adipose tissue, or regular fat in their neck, shoulders that actually generates heat. These pockets disappear by adulthood, but fat continues to be important to the survival of our species.
If a woman body fays drops below about 18 percent, she stop menstruating and cant reproduce. Nature decides she isn't a good candidate for nourishing an infant.

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