Saturday, August 29, 2009

Candles and their Holders 2

These are the other candle holders that I'm keeping in my cabinet.
They are not many but they are significant to me.
click Here to see the first candle holder that I've been posted.

This one is given to me also by my sister, It's like a broken egg shell.

This one is a christmas gift to me by my cousin.

And this one is from my Ex.... I don't need to elaborate. LOL
I don't know why he gave me this. :-)
And this one is from my Mom...
she said that the roses inside is a fresh one, I don't know how they made this but the one who invented this candle holder is really cool.

I got this one as an exchanged gift, when I was highschool.
and this one is from my sister also, she gave this together with the Crystal candle holder.
And that's all for today..
I hope you gonna like it.

Have a nice day ahead everybody!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Crystal Made Candle Holder

This crystal made candle holder, is given to me by my sister
straight from Switzerland.

Actually, I am not collecting a candle holder but, I just noticed one day that my candle holder in my cabinet are starting grow.

But I decided to post this one first,
Because this one is my favorite.
I will post the other as soon as I complete photos of them.

Until now I can't find the 7th dwarf. :-(

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Joei's Fountain

I visited my Mother this afternoon, and I was so happy to see my old fountain on the corner of her living room, and not just that! my Mom put my dwarfs miniature on it.

They are suppose to be seven, My mom said that she only found six of them in my cabinet.
But I am pretty sure that I keep the seven of them in my cabinet, I don't know where the other one go.... :-)

And here are my Dwarfs in close up, saying Hi! to all of you.

And this is me, tired of thinking what happened to my 7th dwarf and where did he go?

This is all for today
Thank you for dropping by my blog.
Have a wonderful Wednesday to all!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Tree Orchid

When I was on my way home, I have the opportunity to get a photo of this big Tree on the side street, it's trunk really amazed and intrigue me because it is full of violet Orchid dangling and hanging on the tree trunk.

My shot is a little bit blurry because i don't have my camera with me,
I only used my cell phone to get this shot.

Now, that I finally have a photo of it I made my self happy...! :-)

Happy Tuesday to All!

How Old is Old?

~* How Old is Old? - a contest on "Cathara's Blog"

It's Catherine's birthday on the 13th of October and she has an announced contest regarding How old is old?
Check on her Blog "CATHARA" to see the "Rules and Prizes."

And Here is my entry:

I will write about it base on what I observed in my mother,

and I hope after she read this she’ll still forgive me.

When My mom was young she weighed a few pounds less, she need not to hold her tummy in to wear a belted dress, But now that she is older she have to set her body free,

And now she needs to wear those glasses as the prints were getting smaller, and it was not a very long years ago that I know my mom was taller than me but now when we stand together she is just at my shoulder level.

And though her hair has turned into gray and her skin no longer fits, On the inside she’s the same old she even just the outside changed a bit.

and she said ~ "beauty paid away but the value remains forever" That's my mom!

And now I'm tagging this following 5 friends of mine.


Hurry and Join the contest!
"Happy birthday Catherine."

Monday, August 24, 2009

Philippine Sapin-sapin and Pichi pichi

This morning my husband and I went to Malabon,
to buy the famous Sapin-sapin and Pichi Pichi in Dolor's that is situated in the heart of Malabon,
we took a long drive to buy this for our grandmothers 75th birthday this afternoon.

(Picture borrowed from Google)

It is made from rice flour or rice that has been soaked over night then crushed into paste
for more detailed info click here.

Pichi Pichi
Pichi-pichi, the other famous Filipino delicacies, made of grated cassava root, flour and Lye.

My husband got this shot while I am eating a piece of pichi-pichi,
actually it's not just a piece... *-*

See? I almost ate it all
it's so yummy, and yo uknow before we got home ther's no more left in this box

have a nice day every one!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Pizza break

It's been a little while since i had my last post, I got too busy this past few days
I got a lot of things to do and I'm glad to say that I accomplish some of them...
And in contrary look at this Pizza, Sooo yummy! and cheesy!
My Cheesy Puffs Pizza
I have this for lunch

And about this huge sized Pizza that I have for my dinner it's
slices are big as a plate,
so I decided to just have 2 slices for my hungry tummy....


Few words for my friends,

I'm sorry for not being in the blogger for the past dew days, and Thank you for your comments...
To Al, I subscribed to Today's flowers, thank you for letting me know about it,
To KYM, thank you for always visiting my blog thank you kapatid,
To Danna, I'm sure somehow you'll find time to take photos of the flowers that you like,
To Sweet girl, Thank you for tagging me "how old is hold" I'll post mine on Tuesday,
To Charmine, thanks for constantly visiting my blog even my presence are not always on your blog,
To Chicamom, thank you thank you always and kiss and hugs for shasha..
To Shadow my dear shadow, thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment, your writings admire me always..
and to Lisannerosalie and Joanne May, thank yo very much for following..

And that's it for today..

have a nice day everybody

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Today's Flower

To see more beautiful flowers visit
"Today's Flowers" and I'm sure you'll gonna like it.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Flowers for me and you"

I will touch a
hundred flowers and not pick one
Signifies hope
and care for a sad 'lil you. . .
and even flowers
are made without soul
It is the sweetest thing that God had ever made.

have a nice day ahead every one!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A tree Of Life

Coconut Tree

While I was in our roof top I saw this tree tall coconut tree.
And I decided to write something about them.

Here in Philippines they are called as a "Tree of Life", because the coconut tree is known to have many uses, from it's roots to tips, from culinary to non-culinary.
For more detailed info about coconut tree here's the link.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Wonder Plants 2"

I have this post in my old account, I don't have chance to recover it so I decided to write about my Wonder Plants again.
And now I add on it the Pansit-pansitan which I found in our backyard,
I hope You will learn something and Have a nice reading.


The fruit in pink and yellow white colors, is all purpose fruit for combating colon and prostate cancer, reducing high blood pressure, diabetes, bad cholesterol and scurvy.
To know more about guava click the HERE.



Sampaguita or Jasmine, Known as the national flower of the Philippines, generally known as an ornamental plant. It's Flowers are fragrantand pearly white in color.
But based on studiesand research asides for being beautiful and very fragrant flower, Sampaguita Flowers can be use to treat fever, cough, abdominal distention and diarrhea. It canalso be used to stop milksecretion for women who want to stop breastfeeding.



My Mom also have this green leafy plant at home not for cooking reason but because this plant can use to treat cough, though it can be use as a food ingredient.
just take few leaves and put it over the fire and warm it, until we can make squeeze out the juice to get a tablespoon of it, and then swallow it just like cough syrup.
But some make a tea out of it.


Pansit-pansitan (Ulasimang Bato)

I got this photo at our backyard my Mom used to make salad with pansit pasitan it has a lot of beneficial effect, studies said it can help to treat gout and arthritis.

I Hope you like my post for today.
have a nice weekend everybody.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Black and White

White little flower
from my Mom's little Garden
Handed by me. . . .

And a Black shadow formed by the
leaves of Marang tree
located at my back yard. . .

Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others
without getting a few drops on your self.
(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

~Always stay happy~

Award Time!!!!

Thank you very much Abby for this awesome award...
I think I've posted interesting thing about me on my very 1st blog award
and the 7th thing that I posted there is a revelation.
thank you again Abby for this award.

Here's the Rule:

1. You have to pass this award to another 1o worthy blogger's.
2. Acknowledge the one who pass you this award and make a link back to the blog of the one gave you an the award.
3.. Name 10 things about your self.

Now here's the 10 worthy people who deserve to have this award.

1. Abby- sweet girl who gave me this award and I know that it's unusual to brink it back to the origin but I'd like to pass this on to you again because you deserve this one Thank you Abby.
2. Shadow - My lovely shadow I hope you will like this award, you deserve it.
3. KyM - her creative blog post make me smile everyday.
4. AL - In every day I go on blogger I always check on her post 1st, I dunno why but i cant resist.
5. Shasha and her Mom - here I found the love of a baby to her mom, that's why i love theor blog.
6. Charmine - Even I lost her because of my 1st account I still visiting her blog and try to visit her too and I'm sure you'll gonna love her blog too.
7. Julochka - and her blog is one of my favorite, I can still remember when I was a newbie, she is the one who told me to continue commenting to other blogs, for me to be acknowledge.
8. ELK - her works really adore me, I'm always inspired to her photograph.
9. Dana - Even I almost lost her because of what happened to my 1st account, still she followed me. and I really felt happy because of that. You desreve this award.
10. UnseenRajastan- his blog help me explore his place and I'm sure you will like his blo too just how much I do.

To all my friends here in blogger I'm always thankful to have you as my followers, that's why I will give you this award as a simple sign of appreciation..
and I hope You like it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"Green" that caught my eye for the day!

Leaves are floating softly down
some are red and some are brown
The wind go swish through the air
and when you look back,
there's no leaves there.

Goaty Wednesday

We went to my Aunt's house in Marilao Bulacan,
since it's been a little while that we have'nt
visit her.

See this two Goats?
the black one is the Mama goat and white one is her baby.
I found there outside my Aunt's house, so I decided to get a picture of them
and it seems that they wanted to have picture.
They both looking at my camera, I guess to say Cheeezzzze...

But after a while, I saw them again
and to my surprise, I caught them eating my aunt's leafy plants outside.
and maybe that's then reason why on my 1st photo of them, they are lookin at me

Maybe they are afraid that I might know their hidden agenda.

What a Goaty experience.

Hope you like my post.

Until my next post

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Forget Me Not!

"Forget Me Not" It's how we call this flower
and i don't know any reason why.

Love is lost, Love is gained
Love is unpredictable Love is uncontainable
Love is reliable love is infallible
Love is great love is shit
Love is demanding,
And Love is it!

I Survive!!!

To all my friends here in blogger, Thank you for your support, I finally back in business.
Thank you everyone for following again.
And for some questions of how I do it, here's my reply.


To kym,

Thank you for your comment, and about how I do it, I manage to export my old blogs to my external hard drive then after that I import it again to my new blog account and I did it right, I got all my old post and as well as all the comments. that's why I am so happy I did it right!!


To Julochka,

Thank you! Thank you! for following! It's just happened that I learned the exporting and importing of Blogs in the blogger, I read it and I tried it, and yay!!! I did it right.
I 'm so so so glad I got it right...
Hope to see you in my next post..


To Twinsouls888,

Thank you for following again.
about the ghost things I'm not sure if we are pertaining to the the same thing, because I had an experience before that the more we prayed the more the spirit get wild, and when we stopped praying the spirit became tamed.
and my answer to your question is YES I happened to see my guardian spirit and her name is Guada, sounds very weird but it's true.

Friday, August 7, 2009

I did it!!!!!

I thought I'm gonna loose all your comments and all my recent post in my corrupted account , but I stand my self corrected because I did it!!!! I did Imported my post from my old blogs and as well as your comments...
I'm so thankful to the bloggers site they made this site perfectly for us.....

I did it!!!!


A little diaries of me

A year ago, I was in the bathroom, refusing to believe that a white plastic stick with a pink plus sign would change my life forever. I wanted to cry, laugh and throw up all at the same time. I remember feeling of scared, too. I don't think I've ever felt so scared in my entire life.
I'm a freshly college grad and my boy friend flew to US at that time.
What kind of life will I be able to give my baby when I myself am not certain about the kind of life I want to lead?
I think the only thing that kept me from passing out was the joy and excitement I felt.
Despite the worries and uncertainties , I was overjoyed because in less than seven months I am going to be a mommy. When I was in my 7th month of pregnancy my boyfriend and I decided to get married.

Finally, on March 15, 2008, J.C was born. He was even more perfect than I imagined. i will never forget that moment. It was the most amazing feeling ever. My life really did changed!
Most of the things that used to be important to me didn't seem to matter anymore. J.C comes first before anything and everything.
Having J.C, deciding to keep him and marrying the man I love, this were the best things I've ever done in this lifetime.

these are some pictures of my J.C
When He was 3 day old

When he was 3 months old

When he was 6 months old

When he was 8 months old

Most Recent Pic. of him 1 year Old

This is the reason why I hate to be sick, I get too emotional!

Until my next post my friends....

My Motivation

I am having my review for my coming exam so that
I made my personalized bookmark
I put pictures of my husband and son for me to Motivate and remind my self that I have to study seriously...

Coffee for a sleepy me...
I hope and pray to pass my up coming exam.
Please include me to your prayers so that I could pass my up coming exam.

~Thank you every one~