Monday, May 18, 2009

Fertility Rites Of Obando Bulacan

The devotees inside the obando church are waving and raising their hands which they believe will help grant their petitions and prayers.

Patron of Saint Claire

The Catholicism you find in the Philippines has a considerable pinch of older animist and pagan beliefs which inform rituals and traditions. And Obando Fertility Rites is no exeption, it involved childless couples dancing folk dance to encourage reproduction.
The Fertility dance is offered to Saint Claire The patron of childless. The Festival last for three days long in honor of these three saints Saint Pascal De Baylon, Saint Claire and Nuestra Senora De Salambao, the prayers were offered to theses three Saints for the Religious Virtue, Saint for the childless and Saint for bountiful catch since fishing is the main industry of Obando Bulacan.

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