Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Good Night

Good night every body...
Until my next post..

Afternoon Butterfly

They use to call this as Afternoon Butterfly,
first i really can't imagine why, but when i saw it again in the afternoon
I realized the reason why.....

It is because they form like a butterfly when afternoon comes,

Monday, June 29, 2009

Sickly Post

Hi Every one, I cant think of something to post, I'm having a hard time, because of my Migraine I'm in sever pain so I'm gonna leave you with this picture to brighten up your day, I hope..!

Good Day Everyone!!!
I'll Be back as soon as i get better.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Let's pray for his soul..

Michael Jackson pass away last Thursday at the age of 50.

Many are mourning to his sudden death including me and my family...

But Foul play has been ruled out in the death of Michael... No Foul Play in Jackson's Death

In my own opinion, why they still have to make an issue about his death for the fact that he is dead, you know what i mean?

why don't we just offer a prayer for his soul and remember his good deeds instead of intriguing his death
leave everything as a respect for his family...

loosing some one you love is very difficult,
i know that his family is having a hard time about what happened to Michael
so let's just pray for his soul so that he may Rest peacefully.

Good Bye Michael.
we'll pray for you.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rape and Forgive

While lying in our bed, My husband and I are looking for something to watch over the television this evening, and it happened that he put the channel to BBC News but badly because the headline is about to end, all we saw is the caption that pertaining to an African Rapist who ask for forgiveness, It sound very intriguing that's why i decided to browse the net hoping that i will find it their, and I found it.

Upon reading the story I begin to worry about my little boy, I'm worried about his future when he grow up, and try to have circles of friend who think the same as the peers of the man in the story.
I could never be always at his side all the time that's why I start worry about his tomorrow.
try to read this story and you will know what I really mean about my worries.

Wii Bowling accident

My husband bought this toy
so we can still enjoyed playing Bowling even inside the house.. b'coz we both love playing bowling 'though.
But out of excitement while playing this Wii Peripheral I almost, almost break the Television!!!

The ball accidentally slipped off my hand and almost hit the TV, My oh my.. good thing is, I don't forgot yo wear the wrist strap before playing,
Husband laugh at me because of that

and when i browse the net, I read some article about this gadget, I've learned that I'm not the only one who had an experienced of almost breaking the TV while playing this toy.
(Click Wii to read the particular article and to learn how's the proper way of playing this ball.)

And The lesson that I've learned is Never get too excited while doing something new 'coz excitement can cause accident, and Don't forget to read the direction of the proper way of using one thing.

Homeless Kitty

I saw this poor cat while waiting for my husband in the car, she's looking at me while i was looking at her too... she's in the other side of the street lying under the car that park their.
At that very moment I'm wishing that there is something i could do to help her
but when I'm about to go, to give her some food my husband came ...

I felt bad about my self 'coz there's nothing i've done to help to poor little cat.
I wonder how she can survive the life out side without home and someone to take care of her.
I hope she's fine and safe.

Power Of Three

Sometimes I wonder how a set words totaling only
can summarized all my feeling and thoughts
and everything else in me without loss of meaning.

Fully, wholly and completely.
Using a line made up of
words Only.


and because of that three words my life become more happier than i ever thought it'll be...

I Love You Babe
I Love You J.C

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I've watch a lot of videos this evening regarding blogs and other money making home jobs etc.
and i fall out of nothing, because many of them are scam, they would just tell you how to make thousands of dollars with in 1 month.. duh!!! if it is true, a lot of people will become rich then!

well every body wants to earn that much, but earning that much will probably need a lot of time and a lot of effort and not as easy as just clicking the amount that you want to earn for a day..

so be aware of those scam, don't just easily got by their promising technique and everything,
Remember that a Nice earner will start for being a Good Blogger.

Good night every body!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


I feel bad about my self, Tomorrow is Father's Day and until now i don't have something to give to my husband, I can't think of something to give, maybe because i don't have money to spend for, and that's what makes me feel bad about my self....
I don't have job and money to spend for our family expenses, honestly sometimes I pity my self because i know when it comes in financial problem, there's nothing i could do to help....
That's my biggest drama in life!!!!

it's been almost a years since i don't have a job.
and even how harder i tried to look for it, still i end up for nothing!!! I really feel shame about it... I don't want to become burden in my family.
what will I gonna do?????

Can any one give an idea of something to give for my husband without spending money?????

your advice will be highly appreciated.

The Last Supper

"The Last Supper" - this was taken in my in-laws house and this frame is given as a gift for her 60th Birthday.

Good Night

Just got home from the hospital
i been my aunt's nurse for the day
hospital duty is so tiring, yet it's very challenging...

i think i have to lay my head on the bed..

till my next blog, hope to see your lovely comments to some of my post.

have a great day and night every one.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Green that's caught my eye for the day!

Green is grass in the spring.....

Green is leaf on the tree....

Green is envy, and Green is playful..

Green is the color that caught my eye for today..

You? What color signs for you for the day??????

I Do Not Like The Rainy Day

I do not like a rainy days
the road is wet and the sky is gray
oh... how I wish the sun would come and stay.....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The famous Pagsanjan Falls

This was taken last Summer vacation
when we went to Pagsanjan Falls in Laguna

this shot is taken while we were going inside the falls.. the water is sooo freezing cold

Now we're inside the falls...

while we're on the boat going home....

And for the last shot.. last look for The famous Pagsanjan Falls in Laguna

Monday, June 15, 2009

Four Viand! So Yummy

My husband and I went to our favorite Chinese Restaurant situated at Green Hills Mall
And this is our favorite 'Taro Puff', Meal will not be complete without this appetizer.

Spareribs Rice for Main coarse

Chicken and Shrimp Ball Stew, Yum..yum..

And Sweet Corn, for dessert Lol!

It's a nice afternoon date we have, and I'm looking forward for the next time...

Happy Blogging!!!

Thank you very Much!!!!

To all who give time to share your ideas and concern I really want to extend my Heartfelt Thank you To all of you Guys and to some who have questions, I decided to answer you back by post.

To Kym,
Thank you for your concern I really appreciate it though it's not yet over, and about the eagle, sad to say YES! they are now endangered. Today you can only see them in the Zoo.

To Shara Cook,
Your always welcome and Thank you.

To Louduk,
Thank you for your appreciation, Those was taken in "Zoobic Wild Life" last year The only zoo here in Phil. which you can see and interact with the animals, like Safari.

To Luntian,
Don't feel bad about it, I'm sure you will have a chance to see them, If you have time go and visit them in Zoo (Malabon and Manila Zoo and Zoobic Wild life).


To Pinklotus,
Thank you very much dear, yes! they are all taken by me.
Take care and always be well dear.

Planted tank

Me and Husband visit our friend living in manila and we saw his aquarium. We are so amaze because, instead of seeing a lot fishes we saw plants growing in his aquarium and he really can maintained it.. what a clever guy.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Philippine Eagle

Philippine eagle or also known as 'Monkey eating eagle' the tallest and the strongest bird in the world that usually found in the rain forest in Luzon.

But sad to say, it's kind is the rarest...

when i was a little girl i used to see them flying in the sky but as many years pass by and many things are started to changed the beauty of it while flying above the sky is gone,
and now they are known as endangered.

My Oh.. My!!!

it's been late here in the evening and i can't catch a good sleep, i can't take out in my mind about the things i tried to confide with my blog, i can't tell to my husband about it, so only my laptop and some of my reader will know about it..
okay... i accidentally saw him again doing the same thing he use to do, when i went down to my kitchen to get a warm milk, i was so shock when i saw him standing in front of the kitchen door, "he's facing his back towards me" Gosh!!! I tried not to make any noise, i was so scared so i tried to get to my room the faster and the more quiet way i could.....
I secure that the door was lock...
I really want him out of my house, but I don't want my husband to get offended....
I just don't know what to do...
I'm scared!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Good night

Good night every one!!!! I hope i could have a sound sleep!!!

I'm Badly Confuse

I'm sorry, I don't know what the right thing to do about this problem, though' it's not a major problem but i just want to ask for some advice from you guys...

- What will you do if you saw someone Masturbating (I'm sorry for the word)?
- What if you saw him doing the same thing more often?
- How will you react? will you stop him or just let him finish and leave?
- Will you ever tell to your Husband or wife whenever the one involve is his/her relative?

i just don't know how to handle this kind of problem, I don't want my husband to get offended as well as the one involved, but i really can't stand the feeling, actually i started to feel uneasy every time he is around.
I don't want to be so cruel that is why i tried kept it to my self for as long as i could, but things are getting worst every day.

I need advice every one....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


A feeling of great, usually exaggerated elation.
that is the word Euphoria means

But this pink little flower that belong to the family of cactus, grow i beautifully in my mom's garden and
because of its unique beauty and characteristics many are placing this as the main attraction in their backyard and garden.
And because Euphoria is from the family of cactus this plant can tolerate even prolonged exposure to sun.

Have a wonderful evening everyone...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rainy Tuesday

We're suppose to go picnic today, but because of the rain our plans have come into nothing.
Instead of going out for picnic here we are lying on the bed and watching television and eating nuts.. nuts.. and nuts...

as my eyes looking at our little baby boy
while running across the room dragging and throwing his toys, and get laugh whenever he make noise. everyday routine of a 1 year old boy, it makes me realize how beautiful his life is.
simple noise that makes him laugh
he is contented of what he have for the day, our cuddle, hugs and kisses are enough to give him comfort whenever needed..
those are things that i will miss when he got older...

hmm... and just because of the rain the sentimental side of me is awaken Lol

what a funny thoughts of mine, but true.

i will end this drama.. let's all have a nice-day-a-head don't let rain affect your emotions,lol.

Remember that there's a rainbow always after the Rain! Chill out!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Divine Shrine

Husband and I went to Divine Mercy Shrine located at Marilao Bulacan to ask for forgiveness to our sin's LOL....
this is were we attend our every Sunday mass, which we believe that Divine Mercy will give us his divine grace and love..

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Little Roses

The first Red rose went out in a season
The second Red rose sent out for no reason

This was taken in my mom's Little garden........
i love roses
i hope you like it too..
have a Wonderful Wednesday