Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wii Bowling accident

My husband bought this toy
so we can still enjoyed playing Bowling even inside the house.. b'coz we both love playing bowling 'though.
But out of excitement while playing this Wii Peripheral I almost, almost break the Television!!!

The ball accidentally slipped off my hand and almost hit the TV, My oh my.. good thing is, I don't forgot yo wear the wrist strap before playing,
Husband laugh at me because of that

and when i browse the net, I read some article about this gadget, I've learned that I'm not the only one who had an experienced of almost breaking the TV while playing this toy.
(Click Wii to read the particular article and to learn how's the proper way of playing this ball.)

And The lesson that I've learned is Never get too excited while doing something new 'coz excitement can cause accident, and Don't forget to read the direction of the proper way of using one thing.


Kym said...

hahaaha! good thing you didn't ACTUALLY hit it! i had a friend who had the same thing happen except that it hit something else and then BOUNCED off and hit the television... $3,000 NEW television!!! =S

MzzLily said...

I had a friend that did that to his father-in-laws TV set with a real bowling ball!

Thanks for visiting and following my blahwg! blog. I appreciate your comments.


Days and night said...

To: Lily
OMG!! that's really horrible!!!
I guess your friends father-in-law is really devastated about what happened to his Television.. by the way thanks for the comment i really appreciate it.

Thank you Lily mwah!!!!.