Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rainy Tuesday

We're suppose to go picnic today, but because of the rain our plans have come into nothing.
Instead of going out for picnic here we are lying on the bed and watching television and eating nuts.. nuts.. and nuts...

as my eyes looking at our little baby boy
while running across the room dragging and throwing his toys, and get laugh whenever he make noise. everyday routine of a 1 year old boy, it makes me realize how beautiful his life is.
simple noise that makes him laugh
he is contented of what he have for the day, our cuddle, hugs and kisses are enough to give him comfort whenever needed..
those are things that i will miss when he got older...

hmm... and just because of the rain the sentimental side of me is awaken Lol

what a funny thoughts of mine, but true.

i will end this drama.. let's all have a nice-day-a-head don't let rain affect your emotions,lol.

Remember that there's a rainbow always after the Rain! Chill out!


pinklotus said...

hi! thank you so much for following my blog...

You have very nice photos... Did you shoot all these?

Days and night said...

To Pinklotus, Your very welcome
yah It's all mine..
thank you for following

always be well dear.