Saturday, June 13, 2009

Philippine Eagle

Philippine eagle or also known as 'Monkey eating eagle' the tallest and the strongest bird in the world that usually found in the rain forest in Luzon.

But sad to say, it's kind is the rarest...

when i was a little girl i used to see them flying in the sky but as many years pass by and many things are started to changed the beauty of it while flying above the sky is gone,
and now they are known as endangered.


Sara Cook said...

i really like all of this pictures!!

and thank i feel very welcomed

LouDuk said...

I love these photographs, they are quite stunning. Where exactly were they taken?

Kym said...

thanks for stopping by! :) those pictures of the philippine eagle are beautiful... i didn't know they are now endangered?! at least we still have the chance today to experience their beauty :)

luntian said...

i haven't seen a philippine eagle in my life though i live in cebu. sana makakita ako before i die. lol

khaye said...

wow!!! cool pics

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