Saturday, June 27, 2009

Let's pray for his soul..

Michael Jackson pass away last Thursday at the age of 50.

Many are mourning to his sudden death including me and my family...

But Foul play has been ruled out in the death of Michael... No Foul Play in Jackson's Death

In my own opinion, why they still have to make an issue about his death for the fact that he is dead, you know what i mean?

why don't we just offer a prayer for his soul and remember his good deeds instead of intriguing his death
leave everything as a respect for his family...

loosing some one you love is very difficult,
i know that his family is having a hard time about what happened to Michael
so let's just pray for his soul so that he may Rest peacefully.

Good Bye Michael.
we'll pray for you.


khaye said...

I agree with your post do have some respect to those who have lost someone.Just let us let their soul in peace besides Michael Jackson did a lot of contribution to the music industry.
I can say that he is a legend...

chicamom85 said...

I have said a prayer for him and for his children. Unfortunatly the publicity comes with being who he was.