Saturday, June 20, 2009


I feel bad about my self, Tomorrow is Father's Day and until now i don't have something to give to my husband, I can't think of something to give, maybe because i don't have money to spend for, and that's what makes me feel bad about my self....
I don't have job and money to spend for our family expenses, honestly sometimes I pity my self because i know when it comes in financial problem, there's nothing i could do to help....
That's my biggest drama in life!!!!

it's been almost a years since i don't have a job.
and even how harder i tried to look for it, still i end up for nothing!!! I really feel shame about it... I don't want to become burden in my family.
what will I gonna do?????

Can any one give an idea of something to give for my husband without spending money?????

your advice will be highly appreciated.

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