Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Joei's Fountain

I visited my Mother this afternoon, and I was so happy to see my old fountain on the corner of her living room, and not just that! my Mom put my dwarfs miniature on it.

They are suppose to be seven, My mom said that she only found six of them in my cabinet.
But I am pretty sure that I keep the seven of them in my cabinet, I don't know where the other one go.... :-)

And here are my Dwarfs in close up, saying Hi! to all of you.

And this is me, tired of thinking what happened to my 7th dwarf and where did he go?

This is all for today
Thank you for dropping by my blog.
Have a wonderful Wednesday to all!


joanne May said...

Hi Joe,
Thank you for visiting me and following.
It is always nice to meet new bloggers!:)
I like your little dwarf collection.
Hmmm... Six is not good. I hope you find the 7th dwarf soon!:)
Jo May.x

charmine. said...

Hi,I love your fountain and your minitures.Here too we get similar fountains...I think it's made of it??,but they are more than $100.Thanks for showing us,have a good week.

Dana Yoshimizu said...

oh how cute, I hope you find the 7the dwarf~ XD

Lily said...

They look cute on the fountain.

chicamom85 said...

That is a beautiful fountain and the dwarfs make it perfect. I bet the other one is hiding.

Anne and Sasha

Abby Kihano said...

awwwww cute!! i love the fountain! i think i'm gonna get one soon for my house too! isn't it nice to just listen to it at night!? *sigh*

AL said...

Don't look at me like that...I didn't take the lost drawf!


Shadow said...

mmmm, maybe he went for a walk???