Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Goaty Wednesday

We went to my Aunt's house in Marilao Bulacan,
since it's been a little while that we have'nt
visit her.

See this two Goats?
the black one is the Mama goat and white one is her baby.
I found there outside my Aunt's house, so I decided to get a picture of them
and it seems that they wanted to have picture.
They both looking at my camera, I guess to say Cheeezzzze...

But after a while, I saw them again
and to my surprise, I caught them eating my aunt's leafy plants outside.
and maybe that's then reason why on my 1st photo of them, they are lookin at me

Maybe they are afraid that I might know their hidden agenda.

What a Goaty experience.

Hope you like my post.

Until my next post


AL said...

The 2 goats on the first pic was trying to distract you while the other one starts violating the plants.

Kym said...

haha nice, they even stopped to look at the camera! and marilao bulacan? my mom is from obando, bulacan.. is that close?

Shadow said...

snacking away are they?!?!

Anonymous said...

nice pics of goats.
Now we all know the secret agenda of the goats.

Abby Quijano said...

awwww i miss bulacan! anyway, hahaha those are funny goats!

oh i don't know if you got my massgae but i gave you an award... so go and claim it ! :}

*~kAy~* said...

haha! goats are so funny :P
the pic u took looks cute :P hee..sneaky goats!! :P

thanks so much for following and leaving such a nice comment on my blog! :)