Sunday, August 9, 2009

I Survive!!!

To all my friends here in blogger, Thank you for your support, I finally back in business.
Thank you everyone for following again.
And for some questions of how I do it, here's my reply.


To kym,

Thank you for your comment, and about how I do it, I manage to export my old blogs to my external hard drive then after that I import it again to my new blog account and I did it right, I got all my old post and as well as all the comments. that's why I am so happy I did it right!!


To Julochka,

Thank you! Thank you! for following! It's just happened that I learned the exporting and importing of Blogs in the blogger, I read it and I tried it, and yay!!! I did it right.
I 'm so so so glad I got it right...
Hope to see you in my next post..


To Twinsouls888,

Thank you for following again.
about the ghost things I'm not sure if we are pertaining to the the same thing, because I had an experience before that the more we prayed the more the spirit get wild, and when we stopped praying the spirit became tamed.
and my answer to your question is YES I happened to see my guardian spirit and her name is Guada, sounds very weird but it's true.


Abby Quijano said...

i will follow your blog religiously! and i know i was kinda puzzled as to how you transferred all your entries to this one!

i'm amazed.

twinsouls888 said...

Oh hi girl sorry for the late feedback, got quite busy the past few days kasi 1st periodical ng anak ko. Ooooh I'm sooo happy you've seen and known your spirit guide. I've seen mine too one time during meditation but I'm not yet ready at that time. I got sooo scared nanginginig ako literally ^_^. Maybe pagdating ng tamang panahon at ready na me baka pwede na ulit hehe. My guide's soooo pretty as in, she looks like a Latina parang Spanish beauty, jet black hair and the prettiest face ^_^. I'm so happy about your experience seeing and knowing your spirit guide's name. I hope you will tell me your experience.

Have a nice day girl ^_^