Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How Old is Old?

~* How Old is Old? - a contest on "Cathara's Blog"

It's Catherine's birthday on the 13th of October and she has an announced contest regarding How old is old?
Check on her Blog "CATHARA" to see the "Rules and Prizes."

And Here is my entry:

I will write about it base on what I observed in my mother,

and I hope after she read this she’ll still forgive me.

When My mom was young she weighed a few pounds less, she need not to hold her tummy in to wear a belted dress, But now that she is older she have to set her body free,

And now she needs to wear those glasses as the prints were getting smaller, and it was not a very long years ago that I know my mom was taller than me but now when we stand together she is just at my shoulder level.

And though her hair has turned into gray and her skin no longer fits, On the inside she’s the same old she even just the outside changed a bit.

and she said ~ "beauty paid away but the value remains forever" That's my mom!

And now I'm tagging this following 5 friends of mine.


Hurry and Join the contest!
"Happy birthday Catherine."


Shadow said...

mmmm, yeah, old happens to all, but the line keeps shifting along as i grow older, heee heee heeee

i'll get to the tag soon soon...

AL said...

Ok I have been tagged. I will play it soon on a special day.


chicamom85 said...

That was a nice story.


Dana Yoshimizu said...

Oh thanks for the tag! haha, I like your answer. :)

Lily said...

The older I get, the older old is!

cathara said...

hey, thanks for joining!:d you might want to subscribe too:D added you to my whos hot list blog roll:)

thanks for sharing your story, love it:* you might want to subscribe too:D