Thursday, August 13, 2009

Award Time!!!!

Thank you very much Abby for this awesome award...
I think I've posted interesting thing about me on my very 1st blog award
and the 7th thing that I posted there is a revelation.
thank you again Abby for this award.

Here's the Rule:

1. You have to pass this award to another 1o worthy blogger's.
2. Acknowledge the one who pass you this award and make a link back to the blog of the one gave you an the award.
3.. Name 10 things about your self.

Now here's the 10 worthy people who deserve to have this award.

1. Abby- sweet girl who gave me this award and I know that it's unusual to brink it back to the origin but I'd like to pass this on to you again because you deserve this one Thank you Abby.
2. Shadow - My lovely shadow I hope you will like this award, you deserve it.
3. KyM - her creative blog post make me smile everyday.
4. AL - In every day I go on blogger I always check on her post 1st, I dunno why but i cant resist.
5. Shasha and her Mom - here I found the love of a baby to her mom, that's why i love theor blog.
6. Charmine - Even I lost her because of my 1st account I still visiting her blog and try to visit her too and I'm sure you'll gonna love her blog too.
7. Julochka - and her blog is one of my favorite, I can still remember when I was a newbie, she is the one who told me to continue commenting to other blogs, for me to be acknowledge.
8. ELK - her works really adore me, I'm always inspired to her photograph.
9. Dana - Even I almost lost her because of what happened to my 1st account, still she followed me. and I really felt happy because of that. You desreve this award.
10. UnseenRajastan- his blog help me explore his place and I'm sure you will like his blo too just how much I do.

To all my friends here in blogger I'm always thankful to have you as my followers, that's why I will give you this award as a simple sign of appreciation..
and I hope You like it.


charmine. said...

Thanks alot Alvond,I could not visit you as the link you left was a dead link,I am happy that i can reconnect with your blog this time .Thanks too for the award.

julochka said...

hi sweetie! thank you!! isn't it fun to get blog awards? and even more fun to pass them along...and discover a bunch of new blogs!!


chicamom85 said...

Thank you very much. We will post it very soon.

licks and sniffs Sasha and Anne

Shadow said...

congratulations on the lovely award! and thank you so much for thinking of me, i feel honoured!

AL said...

Congratulations for your award and having your blogger back. I thank you for this award, for dropping by and leaving comments, I really appreciate it.


Unseen Rajasthan said...

Hi Alvond !! Thanks for the lovely award.I am really glad and happy that you felt me is suitable for the Award..I will always remember this Beautiful Gift..Thanks so much and may God Bless you always.Unseen Rajasthan

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Sorry i forgot Congratulations on your Award,You deserve that and I am now your follower too...Unseen Rajasthan

elk said...

thank you for the very sweet award `blessings

Lily said...

Congrats on your first award! How wonderful!

Anonymous said...


congrats on your award.

You deserve it.

Anonymous said...


congrats on your award.

You deserve it.

Abby Quijano said...

awwww thank you so much! you're such a darling !