Monday, July 13, 2009

Weird Grocery day!!!

This morning My husband and I went to the newly operated grocery located just near are house, we both excited because that was the first time that we'll go there, so we leave the house at 11 in the morning and travel last for just 30 minutes only, we finish picking up for only 30 min. (so it's 12:00)

now here's the scenario , when we are in the cashier the bagger is counting the items upon inserting into the bag and he wrote the number of the items that he counted outside the bag, and to make sure i guess, that he wont forget how many items are inside.
he keep on doing that until he finished packing. We had 12 plastic bags in the push cart, we waited for him for about 15 minutes (12:15) and when we thought that we could have our lunch to the nearest resto. Here comes the man in a red Uniform handling a pen and pad of paper, we thought he will just look at the receipt and then he will let us go, but we are wrong!!!
because the man said' that to make sure that the bagger done his job properly he have to re-count again the items in the push cart.
So we let us do his job, but this time we waited for another 20 minutes (12:35)
and after the re-counting period, I can feel my stomach grunting at that moment, he accompany us up to the exit for our surprised the re-counting session is not yet finish!!! Grrrrr..... co'z the guard have to check our the receipt and look at the grocery items in the push cart individually, yes! individually!!!! and it took us for another 30 minute.. so all in all we went out to that weird place at already 1:05 in the afternoon we had our lunch at 1:30.
I hate that place we promised that we will never go back to that place, My husband said he rather have a long drive rather than going back to that weird Place that full of weird people...

I don't wonder if one day that Grocery will stop operating because of bankruptcy.

Have you ever experience like that before?

One thing for sure I will never ever go back to that place again! never!!!


MzzLily said...

That is too weird! Do they really expect people to wait that long for them to count things? Ridiculous!

sheri amor said...

loooool lmao... Haha.. I haven't experienced that scenario before.. where's departments store is that.. What a tight security.. I believe that we buyers don't look like burglars huh? but that was funny and at the same time irritating experience too.. well here's the tip i learned few years ago. never go to a department store with your stomach rumbling haha :D tc ^_^

Days and night said...

yah!! it was really irritating and weird, I swear I'll never ever go to that department store again..
and thanks for the tip sheri amor.

thank you guys for dropping by.

by the way sheri, i guess you are familiar to pure gold?

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Omg, what the heck kind of grocery store does that!? O_o Dang,that's just absurd. I totally would've walked out

Pinay in Dutchland said...

that sure is very weird not to mention annoying.

AL said...

You know what? The best thing to do is never ever go back to that store's such a waste of time!

charmine. said...

I think you should have gone public with that store name so people are warned.How disgusting!If that happened to me i would have left the shop.
Here,there is a store that will not return your change back,most of the time they ask that we take some item for that amount or else they give us SWEETS.(instead of money)One day i had enough and threw those sweets back at the man and walk out.