Saturday, July 11, 2009

After the odds, Here's my Story

I'd like to say Thank you to all who commented to my last post.
And after solving some of my problems, I'm glad to say that I'm back...

I think it's time for me to answer your question about the Ghost and Witchcraft thing, So here it goes.

I was Only 8 years old when I first had an experience about the ghost, It was in my Grand Father's house In Antipolo (one province here in Phil). It all happened when me and my cousin's are playing outside my grand father's house, we were running and playing "Matayataya" (that's the name of the game we played) outside when my cousin touched me and I stop moving, because that's the rules of the game , that when your opponent touched you, you will stop moving you will be freeze in what ever position you have.

I freezed under the giant mango tree. While i was under the tree i started to feel un easy, and i started to feel cold and i can feel that there's some one looking at me, but i ignore it because my attention is on the game, and then suddenly the air blows at my back and i felt that someone touches my hair, from then idecided to look back and I was so shock when i saw a LADY standing at my back!!!! Oh my!!! she is wearing a dirty white blouse and her hair is long i don't know how long it is because her half body is unclear to me, what caught my attention was her face! she do not have a face!!! and that what makes me run very past.
that's the first time i saw a ghost and that's where all started. Infact untill now I can still see them but I'm trying to ignore them. Everytime i saw dead people all i do is "pray" and close my eyes, that's what my grand father told me and that's what my friend Nun told me to do everytime i encounter them.

And just like what i listed in my last post, that's the reason why I almost lost all my friends in highschool, but when they realized that I'm harmless they enjoyed being with me. that's what's friends for.

And about witch crafting, i studied it out of curiosity.
But I'm not practicing it anymore. Because of the reason that when i was still practicing it, almost' all the time I can see a ghost and even I don't see them I can still feel their presence, and that's what made me hard to sleep.. That's the mysterious part of me.

I hope I answered all your questions, and I hope after this revelation i can still have you guys as my friends... don't worry I'm harmless.. LOL.

I hope to see you commenting guys...
Have a nice day and always keep safe.



cgw @ accidentally, kle said...

it's good to read stuff like this... somewhat consoling i guess. back in malta, there was a girl that my mother and i had both spotted a few times outside my bedroom door. she appeared for a few years and then never again, but we'd both seen her on separate occasions, and i used to 'feel' someone in my room at times. i eventually got used to it as much as one can and it helped that it didn't feel 'dangerous' at all, until that eventually stopped too.

James said...

is that real???
i want ti hear more from you.


AL said...

Oh okay that is kind of scary. good luck.

Days and night said...

Thanks for dropping by and for leaving a comment.AL, Kle and James