Saturday, July 4, 2009

A simple thanks to you guys

In my own simple way of appreciation, I'd like to say thank you to all my friends who visited my blog and leave their comments..


Yes I'm from Bulacan, I live in Obando near the famous Obando church.

Some of the foods that i have in my post is Obando delicacies.

To Anne, Mizlily and Khaye,

Thank you for the comments,
and yah! all those foods are yummy...
i really appreciate your comments guys.

To AL,

Thank you for the wonderful comment, and about the cake it's a Sansrival Cake, if I'm not mistaken i think i saw it once in your post..?
and about the Puto just like what I've said it's Obando's delicacy but you can find it in some other town's of Bulacan, the Pancit came from Malabon brought by my Friend Apple.

We really had a great time together, chatting and laughing together is the one that i will really miss because for sure i have to count a years again before we'll meet again.

anyway, you are from Phil. right?


MzzLily said...

You are very welcome! I enjoy reading your blog...

khaye said...

Ur welcome thanks for always dropping by to my blogs i really appreciate it.By the way, you can get and taste the Waldorf Salad at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ortigas it is really very good you should try it one day.

AL said...

Yep I am from the Philippines, and about the cake, I knew it was Sans Rival that's why I asked...just to make sure. I am a number 1 fan of Sansrival...I can sniff it from here.


AL said...


I read Khaye's commented that you can pick the salad at The Crowne Plaza? Do you want me to get it for you...but in one condition, I'm gonna try it first.


Days and night said...

To AL,
Yah! she said that i can picked it up in Crowne Plaza, but i don't think that I could go there, I'm from Bulacan and It'll took me for a long drive If I'll go there to get it...

You make me smile to your comment AL, If ever you taste it first tell it to he huh???? LoL,

Are you from Manila?