Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fire Tree? *-*

Sorry for the blurriness of my image
I shot this while the car is running.

For the record this is the cherry blossom of the Philippines
and it's called as Fire tree....

And I dunno the reason why is it called Fire Tree, though maybe because of its dark orange color flower and if it's in a full bloom the orange flower is very visible.


This is also a fire tree but a more different one
it's flower goes hanging from the trunk unlike the first one.


~This photo is borrowed from Google~

This is how it looks when in full bloom.

I hope you'll like my post

Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy
( by: Anne Frank)

Beauty is the Gift of God
(by: Aristotle)

Have a nice day to all!


charmine. said...

Hi,that is called flame of the forest in India,because when it's in bloom it looks like the tree is on fire.Both trees grown here too.

Abby Quijano said...

wow that's pretty! for a second, i really thought that it was on fire! silly me.

chicamom85 said...

I love it, beautiful photos.


Purple Strawberry ♥ said...

The fire tree look very pretty. Your son is very cute too!! Thanks for following my blog. =P

MzzLily said...

True beauty is a gift from God. He made the most amazing world!

sheri amor said...

yup .. i love that tree.. is it really considered as cherry blossom of the phil? nice :)

khaye said...

nice photos of is very beautiful...


AL said...

The flowers on the second photo are called golden shower and blooms in seasons. The fire tree I think are called "caballero", if I am not mistaken, but it looks like it.

Good job, keep up.


Days and night said...

Thank you every one for your nice comment,
thank you Al for telling me the right name of those tree flowers.

have a nice day to all