Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cotabato Bombing Flash Report

I heard the news today, about the Bombing in Cotabato City, Southern part of Phil.

Based on the news the attack happened while the people are inside the Cotabato Cathedral and having mass,
Some are wounded and some die because of the attack.

I was so devastated as i heard the news...
I really can't Imagine how people like them can do this to other innocent people who want to live peaceful life and free form harm..
Click COTABATO for further info. about the bombing.

But for now Let's offer a short prayer for the people who suffer to this bombing attack and to those who did it...

Lets All pray

Lord God, We come worshiping you today with grateful hearts
that you are our keeper, the one who continually cares for us.
We come praying today for many people.
We pray for all who are in need of healing.
We pray for all who are disabled with injury or illness.
We pray for all who are troubled by confusion or pain.
We pray for all whose increasing years bring weariness.
And we pray for all the people who causes pain and injuries to others,
we pray for the soul of those people who died today may they live the eternal life with you O Lord.
Into your hands, O God, we recommend all for whom we pray, trusting in your mercy, love, grace, and protection. Amen.


chicamom85 said...

That is a beautiful prayer, I will pray for the people involved in the attack.


MzzLily said...

A beautiful prayer, full of love and mercy. I pray for them all too. I can't understand the cowards that would choose to do things like that.

AL said...

Hello Alvon...the 10th photo in the first folder. What I meant was if you have sets or albums in your documents in your computer, pick the 10th photo in the first album. Okay?


Days and night said...

To ANNE and Miz LILY
thank you very much for the prayers,
and thank you for dropping by my blog..

To AL,
Okay i got it clear... thanks.