Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dessert (Halo-halo)

Halo-halo, In engrish (mix);
is an icy, creamy concoction of assorted sweets served on a tall glass with a spoonful of ice cream on the top
This is known as the popular summer cooler during the hot months here in Phil.
But, but, but even it's not summer here, my husband and I ate Halo-halo this afternoon, just to get over our cravings.
it's so yum..yum..

The sweetened ingredients filled in the glass of Halo-Halo is usually Red beans, bananas, macapuno (sweetened coconut), jack fruit, Nata de coco, Tapioca (sago), Sugar palm fruit (kaong), and dried glutinous rice.
These layers are tapped with crushed ice, poured with milk, sugared, and then topped with a spoonful of ice cream. then ready to be served.

You can add jellies too, depend on what you like because no specific ingredients are used in halo-halo you can add sweetened corn kernel, and even sweet potato will do.

I hope you like it.

have a nice day everyone.


Shadow said...

i'd better hide this from my bean. i can see him wanting this, heeee heee heeee. looks delicious!

sheri amor said...

yum that is chowking's halo-halo right?

Kym said...

oh my gosh *droooools* i love halo halo! look at that big scoop of ube on top. yum!

Dana Yoshimizu said...

oOo it looks so yummy! ^__^ I have yet to try halo-halo - I've had stuff similar to it, but never athentic halo-halo. Hopefully this summer I'll try it for the first time :)

& hey girl, thanks for following my blog. I couldn't resist, I just had to follow yours too~! <3

chicamom85 said...

That looks like some delicious gooey fun.


khaye said...

Wow! I'm craving for it!!! YUM!, YUM!, YUM! Can I have some...hehehe...
NIce Post! I love it!


AL said...

Haro-haro in engrish tee hee. I love it except for the beans, mongo, tapioca and the dried glutinuous rice?

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Oh so colorful and seems to be very tasty !! My throat is not fine but i will prepare it some day!! Great..Unseen Rajasthan

RCaitlin said...

So creative and delicious looking! Just became a follower :)

maddie_lin said...